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About Me

I'm Helen Gregory and I'm an Embroidery artist specialising in Pet Portraits. 

I discovered a passion for this art form when I was inspired to try creating a memorial portrait of my cat Chilli who passed away in May 2017 leaving a big hole in my world. I have always had a passion for craft activities but after creating my first portrait I got a lot of great feedback about my work and started receiving requests for portraits from other people. I now offer portrait commissions on my webshop. All you need to do is order the size of portrait you would like, and then you can upload or email me a photograph that you would like me to create a portrait from. 

When I'm not doing my embroidery I work in Tech as a Test Analyst and I am also a working Professional Opera Singer ( Yes, I lead a very varied life! I have always had many interests and skills which I've taken to a very high / professional level. 

I love doing pet portraits because of the emotional value each piece has for it's owner. I fall in love with every portrait I do and it brings me great joy to send the portraits home when I have finished. 

I look forward to creating a bespoke piece of art just for you. 


Embroidered by Helen